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June 15-21, 2009   [View Link]
Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency leads a delegation of 17 companies and organizations from across Atlantic Canada to the Paris Air Show. Q5 Systems is one of these companies. “It is important for us to not only showcase our capabilities to the global market but also extend our understanding and collaborative relationships within this arena. The Paris Air Show is one of the world’s most extensive aerospace marketing venues and it is essential for not only ACOA to represent Atlantic Canada but also Q5 Systems to complement the industry with our product and service contribution.” Peter Thiveos, Vice President of Information Technology, Q5 Systems. For more on ACOA click the link above.

June 18, 2009 (10:00 AM EDT)   [Download the On-Demand Recorded Version]
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) & Q5 Systems
Co-host a Live Webinar on Safety Management Systems for Airports

Q5 is proud to be a part of this initiative that we feel will bring tremendous benefits to airports, airlines and civil aviation authorities. Our collaborative efforts with an industry leading organization such as IATA, have provided us with opportunities to not only enhance our understanding of this highly regulated industry but also use our expertise in identifying practical solutions with quantifiable benefits. The webinar will focus on lessons learned and best practices of Safety Management Systems (SMS) implementation for airports:

  • What is SMS?
  • What are the International and National regulatory frameworks for SMS?
  • How to implement SMS at an airport?
  • How should airport operators SMS interface with air carrier SMS programs?
  • Case studies

In particular, you will hear SMS IATA experts and external airport consultants discuss the benefits and challenges that operators face when implementing an SMS.

Kevin Caron, Product Manager, Airport Training and Consulting, IATA

John Darbo, VP Business Development and Technology, Curt Lewis and Associates
Ralph Plourde, Instructor with IATA
Peter Thiveos, Vice President of Information Technology, Q5 Systems

June 10-12, 2009   [Josh Skinner]
Q5 Systems showcases products at the 4th annual XChange Government Integrator Convention
Josh Skinner, Q5 Sales Executive was present at the conference and had the following words; “We had a great reception from the attendee's and we are looking to build on theses new relationships as we move forward. This was Q5’s first appearance at this event and we feel that it was a very successful one. It gave us an opportunity to showcase our flagship product, the Q5Audit and Inspection Management System and also meet some of the major players in the industry. It was a first class event and we were glad to be a part of it. ”

April 1, 2009   [View Article]
Q5 Systems Contributes to Professional Safety
The American Society of Safety Engineers has published an article titled “Technically Safe: Gaining 360° Visibility with Technology” by our own Peter Thiveos, Vice President of Information Technology. The article addresses the key components of a successful safety management program, business rules and practical solutions, the value of cultivating a safety culture through the use of a “champion”, and the benefits of using technology to improve an organization’s safety performance. This article displays the commitment by Q5 Systems to not only provide best of breed solutions but to also ensure that we understand the operational requirements and business needs of an organization. As the article concludes, “The technology market can provide the tools, systems and processes to increase visibility at the operational levels of an organization. However, without the correct support framework, industry expertise, retention of knowledge in the forms of data mining and business intelligence, and an overall safety-centered corporate culture, a company is only “technically” safe.”

February 1, 2009
Q5 Systems Welcomes New Clients
Q5 Systems is pleased to welcome Southern Air, National Aviation Services, Municipal Health & Safety Association of Ontario, Boots & Coots, Shell Motiva, and Education Safety Association of Ontario to our family of clients. We have been working with clients just like these for over a decade and we look forward to continuing to provide these newest customers with the same level of service and support in meeting their on-going compliance management needs.

January 5, 2009
Q5 Set to Expand Product Line
Over the past 10 years Q5 has developed the best enterprise audit, inspection, and corrective action software for the EH&S industry. As the next step in its growth strategy, Q5 is preparing to launch an aggressive product expansion with an integrated product lined aimed at the EH&S field. Q5 has partnered with industry leader MSDS Online to provide a host of complementary products required by the EH&S professional to enhance productivity, business intelligence, and reduce onerous manual process. Q5 will be announcing the addition of four new products in February 2009 including MSDS Management, Incident Management, On-line Training, and Training Management modules. "We are excited about providing a more rounded tool set to help professionals reduce the number of incidents and accidents in the workplace." says Marvin Chaulk, President of Q5 Systems "and we are enthusiastic about our new partnership with a proven industry leader. Our strategy to diversify is a direct reflection of what our customers have been asking for." Additional products will be announced later in 2009.

December 5, 2008
Q5 Announces New President and CEO
Q5 is pleased to announce the appointment of Marvin Chaulk to the position of President and CEO. Marvin joined Q5 in early 2008 as VP Marketing following a successful career spanning a number of disciplines and industries including sales, advertising, marketing and communications, and technology. In 2008, Marvin led Q5 through a rebranding exercise, developed a winning marketing and sales campaign, and created and implemented a best practice strategy for the company. As a result, Q5 has benefited from significant productivity gains and enhanced customer experience. "We have truly enhanced our business to be best of breed and Marvin was instrumental in helping us reach this new plateau", said John Lukins, Co-founder of Q5. "His leadership in all areas of the business is clearly evident. We look forward to continued growth with Marvin's leadership."

October 6, 2008
Q5 Takes Flight with IATA
Since 2006, airlines seeking the coveted IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) certification have been managing their IOSA audits (administered by IATA and certified IOSA Audit Organizations) via dedicated Internet-based software, designed and supported by Q5 Systems. Q5 Systems is pleased to announce IATA has renewed its relationship with Q5 and is now expanding the system to manage the new IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) program.

September 18, 2008
Safety is In the Air at Cougar Helicopters
Q5 is very selective in choosing only the most appropriate partners. That's why we seek those who have a clear desire to be a leader in their chosen business. When it comes to Helicopter Safety, Cougar Helicopters is leading the way - having already created and implemented their own safety management system long before the international need was determined. The Cougar approach employs the best of technology and innovation to provide an ongoing commitment to safety excellence. Innovation, safety-consciousness, and flexibility have become the watchwords for the Cougar team of highly experienced flight crews and engineers. That is why Cougar has not only become a client but also a partner of Q5 Systems.

In 11 years of operations, with over 48,500 flight hours, Cougar maintains an exemplary accident rate of 0 accidents and 0 fatalities. According to Rick Banks, Director of Safety and Quality, who oversees all aspects of safety within Cougar, "We have one goal - eliminate all hazards that can cause an accident or incident. It has nothing to do with beating the statistics of the industry; it's all about care and concern." Cougar is constantly finding new ways to promote safety in the workplace and the industry. That is why Cougar has partnered with Q5 and promoted Q5AIMS to industry members in an effort to continue raising safety practices within the industry. Q5AIMS has been recognized by many industry leaders and looks forward to entering the helicopter industry with the referral of safety stalwart Cougar Helicopters.

August 27, 2008
Q5 Launches New Product Aimed at the Oil & Gas Industry
Q5PROS, a Project Resource Observation System, is used to track and manage observations and resources for construction projects. The new product allows companies to automate the observation inspection and the resulting corrective action processes. Once a deficiency is identified a corrective action is created and email notifications are automatically sent out to inform the individuals who are involved in addressing the non- conformity.

This new product will:

  • Ensure issues are not overlooked or forgotten,
  • Increase the productivity of inspectors by a reported minimum of 40%,
  • Allow management to run reports with the click of a mouse.

Q5 Systems is very excited about this new product offering and it is already being utilized in some of Shell international's largest projects in North America. We look forward with great anticipation and excitement to this product helping Oil & Gas companies ensure that optimal efficiencies are of the utmost priority.

February 15, 2007
Q5 Celebrates a Successful 10 Years in Business
In 1997, four colleagues from Newfoundland Power Corporation were scanning the market for a tool to help them automate their internal audits and inspections and provide reporting and business intelligence. Coming up empty in their search, they quickly identified the opportunity and future need of such a tool. After 10 years in business, they remain focused on a growth strategy for the company and are excited about the opportunities in front of them. "We realize that to achieve our ambitions and achieve market leadership, we have to wrap ourselves in best practices, surround ourselves with the best talent we can find, and strategically outsmart our competitors in the global space."

March 28, 2005
Local Company, Q5 Systems, Achieves ISO 2000:9001 Designation
Government Services Minister Dianne Whalen today recognized the international accomplishments of a St. John's-based company in the field of occupational health and safety management. Q5 Systems Limited has been recognized by the world's largest developer of standards, the International Organization for Standardization (known internationally as ISO), for a product that helps companies achieve excellence in occupational health and safety. "This stamp of approval tells the world that the occupational health and safety management system developed by Q5 Systems Limited is a quality product recognized internationally," Minister Whalen said. "It will help the company market themselves around the world and it will assure clients that the product has the highest quality assurance recognition in the field." Q5 Systems Limited has received ISO registration for auditing software that provides employers with a template to develop and audit their own health and safety programs, as well as programs relating to environmental management and quality assurance. Q5 Systems Limited is the only safety audit/inspection software company in North America to receive the ISO designation.